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Festival of Nations (at the St. Paul River Centre) - # E147 - –

For almost 87 years, the Festival of Nations has inspired people to discover more about our world and embrace the rich cultural diversity brought to us by immigrants from around the globe.  This year, we celebrate well over 8 decades of remarkable legacy of Festival of Nations as the longest running multicultural festival in the Midwest where we collaborate with nearly 100 diverse ethnic groups to create a truly unique experience - one that celebrates camaraderie, cultural heritage and offers a platform for our community's immigrants to express their beautiful stories through world-class performances, cultural exhibits, ambrosial cuisines and personal interactions. Registration deadline is April 11 2018.  No refunds after April 11, 2019.  An itinerary will be sent to you approximately 1 week prior to the trip with all the specifics of our day.

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8:30 AM
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05/05/2019   8:30AM - 5:30PM Winona Middle School - parking lot